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We work in all materials including Stainless, Sheet and Flat Bar, Slit and De-Coil. We can press up to 100 tons, de-coil up to 150mm (4 mm thick).

We have many years of practical experience and offer consultation in the production of new products to ensure they are manufactured efficiently and within a realistic budget.

Production Process.
At Pressmatic we pride ourselves in our ability to offer a production process that begins with your product being realised using our in house design to its completion.

Depending on your design specification, we have a number of metal forming processes to manufacture your required pressed components.

This may involve:

  • Metal pressing
  • Metal punching
  • Metal bending
  • Metal Pressed
  • Using press workers
  • Forming steel
  • Pressing steel
  • Bending steel
  • Powder coating and painting

Your product will then go to final assembly, enabling us to deliver a completed, quality product, made to your design specifications and delivered on time .

The following production example is taken from a specialised 'kerb climber' wheelchair modification. Click the images to see an enlarged version.

1) Component Pressing.

2) Sawing.
Most operations start with sawing
tubular and hollow sections.

3) Bending.
Computer controlled bending.

4) Machining.
In house machining facilities.

5) Drilling.
Full range of drilling & Taping.

6) Welding.
Component welding.

7) Powder Coating.
In house powder coating plant
for all our coated components
is carried out on site.

8) Assembly.
Final assembly facilities for all our customer product needs.

To see examples of the products we produce, click here to go to our mobility section.



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